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Management Message

We aim to become a gvalue-creating professional grouph, providing good and comfortable lives and being loved by people.

We, at the Koizumi Sangyo Corp. Group, are primarily engaged in the planning, production, and distribution of livingware such as lighting fixtures and kidsf study room furniture and expanding our business activities to logistics and information system service fields, making it our mission to contribute to affluent and comfortable living.

Almost three centuries have passed since our group founder, Busuke Koizumi, started to travel around and make sales nationwide from Omi. While the spirits of gmettle of foresighth and the gthree goodsh - for the seller, buyer and society respectively - have been cultivated ever since, they have also been inherited in the form of our group management principle; namely, gwe generate new value with new focal points as well as unique ideas, offering people and society dreams and a deep impressionh, we will continue to provide fresh comfort to peoplefs livelihoods by adding new categories to livingware of all ages.

As well as offering dreams, the key is to provide a sense of security. Since all our products remain close to our customersf daily lives and will be used for an extended period, we make it our top priority to ensure their gqualityh and gsafetyh at all times. As well as the products themselves, we are striving to earn the trust of our customers by further strengthening our approach toward CSR, including environmental and compliance issues, in order to enhance our gqualityh as an overall company.

As well as reinforcing our business foundations, we will also promote our new efforts for future growth, including expanding our lighting business in Asia, and developing a new furniture business toward an aged society. We will continue to contribute to your livelihood by creating products and services of the KOIZUMI style, while also exerting our group synergy and pursuing our expertise in the business domain of each group company. We request your further support for and cooperation with the Koizumi Sangyo Corp. Group.